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Deck Source Inc.

Originally founded by professional deck builders, Deck Source was created to bring industry leading and innovative decking products, tools and fasteners to market through a 2-step distribution model.
Cutek Extreme was one of those innovative products that took off. As the market demand for Cutek grew, we found the need to reduce our other product offerings in order to keep up. Today, we are concentrating entirely on the Cutek line of products. Deck Source is the only company in Canada to have a License Agreement from Chemisys for Cutek. Chemisys (the manufacturer of CUTEK) is from Australia and has been in the coatings industry for more than 3 decades selling around the world.


Founded in 1986, Chemisys specializes in innovative and novel problem-solving chemistry. They are a knowledge and service provider in the domain of wood and concrete coating and restoration. Many years of accumulated technical expertise has enabled Chemisys to develop a product – Cutek Extreme – that is highly responsive to the needs of the industry.
Cutek Extreme – wood protection, is distributed in North America by Deck Source Inc.

Cutek Extreme

The professionals know, if you’re looking for serious wood protection that will stand up to the range of weather we experience across North America, CUTEK Extreme is the one to count on. Cutek is a true penetrating oil that eventually migrates to the core of the wood to protect it from moisture from the inside out. Unlike most other brands that claim to be “easy to use”, CUTEK Extreme truly is. From being able to apply during the hottest parts of the day, in direct sun light, to not having to sand between coats, CUTEK Extreme is the preferred choice of many contractors, architects and home owners.


Please contact us at 1-844-44-CUTEK (1-844-442-8835) to become a dealer.


Deck Source Inc

Protection & restoration of exterior wood

with proven performance on hardwoods, softwoods & thermally modified woods

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Cutek Extreme is a unique wood protection oil which when properly applied, keeps wood well protected for many years.

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