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“….I thought I would email you to thank you for creating Cutek.

I have had deck for 10 years now, and recently had to replace the Cyprus pine decking, due to rot and splitting. I was using the best products sold in hardware stores, or so I thought, however I found these coatings put a lovely finish on top of the boards, but did not soak in, and hid the grain. Additionally, because these coatings did not penetrate they gave the timber no protection against surface mould or splitting. Recoating was even worse as the coating became patchy and needed to be removed with chemical wood cleaners and a high pressure cleaner before recoating.

While I was rebuilding my deck, a friend showed me the Cutek product, which I tested and was amazed at the depth of colour it gave. It just seemed to be the right product for decks. I have now used the Cutek for 12 months, it still looks like new, the grain in the timber is not hidden, it has no splits, its easy to clean, has no greying and nothing seems to sticks to it. Recoating is a dream, a quick brush, and mop it on, and then let it soak in, I even walk on it when its wet after recoating, and it makes no difference to the final finish! The product is better than I expected, and felt it necessary to let you know how thankful I am to be using this product.”

Yours Sincerely Ian

” ….Several years ago, my wife and I settled on a design for an 86 square metre pergola area on our home. The opinion of the architect and of several tradies that we approached was that the 6 metre roof height and half of the sides exposed was a bad design choice when using timber. The constant exposure to sun and high UV level, combined with the wind w41 rating and rain would quickly destroy the precious timbers we had chosen for the deck, supporting posts and exposed beams. A friend put us onto Cutek and in the seven years since we first applied the timber stain we have only applied it twice over all. I made the mistake of using another popular well-known reputable brand that I had initially purchased to stain and preserve the pergola was used on the children’s cubby house. This timber cubby house is located beside the pergola and exposed to the same elements. What a mistake – I have stubbornly persisted until I used the product up and barely get 9 months out of this so called leading other brand. We certainly recommend Cutek products and love the idea that it is a quality Australian developed and manufactured product. Because of Cutek, we have proved the designers and builders of our wonderful pergola wrong and have been able to use this fantastic living space as we first envisaged. We have saved money, time and ultimately our dream.”

Paul of Petrie, Queensland

” The new coating is standing up well. The new finish certainly seems to do the job and we’re very happy with the results. We hope to put a new coat on when we have a stretch of good weather. I’d appreciate some more product!”

Ian D Canberra (bamboo deck)

“….when I consider the cost implications of using a polyurethane/acrylic vs Cutek, it’s difficult for me to imagine a circumstance where applying Cutek would cost more than a conventional coating system. (and we’ve been using many wood coatings for around 30yrs -from budget to high-end products)… would be safe to say that Cutek saves labour in many circumstances. Admittedly – jobs vary a lot, but with Cutek there is no sanding between coats, it is a two coat instead of a three coat system, and maintaining ‘wet-edge’ is in no way near as critical……”


Fence with Cutek Extreme

“….I can’t tell you how pleased I am with the end result of our fence. We had been searching hi & low for a product that could give me the cedar look effect on a pressure treated fence. After reading numerous reviews on water/oil-hybrid vs. oil based products, it was obvious that OIL was the way to go in order to achieve the longevity of our fence. This made for a difficult search since no retailers are able to carry oil products however, your product met our Canadian regulations and I couldn’t be happier. I have attached pictures…our neighbour’s love it as well and they too have purchased the same. Thanks again for being so helpful with my inquiries along the way.

Lupe of Canada

Protection & restoration of exterior wood

with proven performance on hardwoods, softwoods & thermally modified woods

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Cutek Extreme is a unique wood protection oil which when properly applied, keeps wood well protected for many years.

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