Powerfully protected even in the
most extreme environments

Created with the natural beauty of wood in mind, our Prepare and Protect system first brings your wood back to its absolute best original state, and then powerfully protects it from the inside out.

Each of our products are simple and easy to apply. They have been specifically designed to keep your wood stable and beautiful for as long as possible, with ease of maintenance a high priority. Remember, once CUTEK® Extreme is on your project, there is usually no future need to sand or strip your wood.


It is important to PREPARE your wood properly, so that you can powerfully PROTECT it.

Understanding the CUTEK® system

The CUTEK® wood protection system is designed to highlight and maximize the natural beauty of your wood.

We have developed a 2 step system that will:

STEP 1 >  Prepare your existing wood for coating with CUTEK® Extreme. Our PREPARE products will reveal, restore and rejuvenate your wood by removing old coatings and/or enhancing its natural grains and textures.
STEP 2 >  Protect your wood by providing long term dimensional stability for increased service life. With a unique self-healing effect, our PROTECT products impart powerful protection from the damaging effects of moisture, while allowing your wood’s natural beauty to shine through.