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CUTEK® celebrates wood in every form, regardless of age, species or condition. Our Prepare range has been formulated to clean, strip or restore exterior wood back to its original state. Correct use of CUTEK® Prepare products can achieve dramatic and rewarding results.

If you need to remove old coatings, or restore wood that has become weathered, grey or stained, our powerful restoration products are able to bring your wood back to its natural, clean state. If you simply need to do a routine maintenance clean of your wood or outdoor surface, we also have an excellent general purpose cleaner that is effective, quick and easy to use.

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Project Planner

PREPARE is Step 1 in the CUTEK® system. It is important to PREPARE your wood properly, before you PROTECT it.

Don’t forget Step 2! You need to coat your restored wood with CUTEK® Extreme to provide long-term protection and improve the service life of your wood.