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How long will Cutek Extreme last? How often do I need to reapply?

Cutek Extreme deeply diffuses into wood and provides long lasting protection from within. This means that the wood will continue to resist water and remain stable even after the surface has faded or silvered, which means your exterior wood will last much longer, even if it has faded or gone grey. If you want to keep colour on the surface of your wood, then reapplication of Cutek Extreme with a Colortone will be required, and the timeframe to reapply will vary depending on a number of factors. More frequent maintenance is required in fully exposed areas, or areas with heavy traffic. As an example, a fully exposed deck with heavy traffic will probably need cleaning and recoating every six months, whereas rough-sawn shingles on a protected wall will retain their colour and stability for many years after the initial application.

Do I need to wait before I apply Cutek Extreme to my new lumber?

Unlike most coatings, it is not necessary to wait before applying Cutek Extreme to new lumber. In fact we recommend that the first coat goes on as soon as possible to protect the wood during the construction phase.

How much does Cutek Extreme cost?

Despite being a premium wood protection system, Cutek Extreme is very cost effective. The coverage rates are up to double those of other premium wood care products, and maintenance is simple – no sanding or stripping required. Many cheaper coatings on the market end up costing far more when the price of sanding or stripping before recoating is factored in. And the use of Cutek Extreme will add years to the useful life of exterior wood, meaning greatly reduced replacement costs. This makes Cutek Extreme an ideal choice for the budget conscious DIY, as well as for municipalities with kilometers of boardwalks and railings to maintain. Contact your local retailer for pricing.

What about natural oils? They’re supposed to be good for wood.

Natural oils have been used for years to protect lumber. Nearly all of them work by cross-linking close to the surface of the wood to provide a barrier, which is similar in its effect to conventional film-forming products. Some natural oils provide nutrients that actually support the growth of unsightly wood discolouring fungi, mould and bacteria. Some are prone to spontaneous combustion. Cutek Extreme is NOT made from natural or plant based oils.

How Is Cutek Extreme different?

Unlike other wood coatings, Cutek Extreme wood protection oils work by penetrating and stabilizing wood rather than by encapsulation. Cutek Products are the number one choice for outstanding protection and restoration of exterior lumber, with proven performance on hardwoods, softwoods, thermally modified wood and bamboo. Cutek Extreme will penetrate deeply into any species of wood, including exotic hardwoods and bamboo, to provide water repellency and assist with long term dimensional stability. Cutek Extreme will not peel off or crack, but helps to control warping, cupping, and splitting; effectively enhancing the service life of wood. This characteristic ensures that future recoat preparation consists of a simple wash-down of the wood, rather than conventional sanding or stripping, resulting in significant savings in ongoing maintenance costs and time.

Can I use bleach to clean the wood before applying Cutek Extreme?

NO. Using bleach is not safe for the surrounding vegetation and may form a barrier that will inhibit the penetration of Cutek Extreme into the wood.

Will Cutek Extreme peel off?

Cutek Extreme will not crack, peel or flake. However Cutek Extreme will fade gracefully over time at a rate determined by species, situation and aspect.

I have just applied Cutek Extreme and it is taking a long time to dry. Why is this?

Cutek Extreme relies on deep diffusion and penetration into wood. Cutek Extreme will not dry on the surface until complete diffusion has occured. Factors that slow the rate of diffusion are:

  1. Wet wood, or wood with a high moisture content. We state a maximum moisture content of 17%, as anything higher can significantly delay penetration, and Cutek Extreme can sit on the surface and eventually go tacky without penetrating properly.
  2. Cold weather. Cutek Extreme will become thicker when cold, and the tendency is to apply too much oil. Warming oil before application will make it thinner and enhance penetration.
  3. Too many coats too soon. The first application of Cutek Extreme needs to completely diffuse and dry fully prior to the second or subsequent coats.
  4. Existing oil, stain or paint on the surface. Existing film coats act as a barrier to Cutek Extreme penetration. Old coatings must be fully removed by sanding and or chemical stripping prior to application of Cutek Extreme.

Why do I have to wait between coats?

Unlike most wood coatings and stains, Cutek Extreme migrates and diffuses very deeply into the wood before going dry at the surface, and this process takes varying amounts of time according to many different factors such as density, porosity, species, residual moisture content and temperature. Correspondingly, Cutek Extreme does not dry fast like most paints and has a cumulative effect in the wood. Recoating before the migration process of previous coats is finished is a waste of money and time.

Can I apply Cutek Extreme over other coatings, deck stains or oils?

NO. Cutek Extreme will not penetrate through other oils or stains as they represent a barrier to penetration. All oils, stains, paints and other films must be fully removed before Cutek Extreme is applied. Cleaning is not enough and heavy sanding, chemical stripping, or a combination of both are required to ensure all existing coating is removed.

I don’t know if I can put Cutek Extreme over my previously coated wood. How can I tell?

Simply flick some cold water onto the surface of the wood to be coated. If it soaks in, then it is OK to use Cutek Extreme. If it beads then refer to this link for more information.

Can I use Cutek Extreme on LOSP or CCA treated wood or plywood?


Can I use Cutek Extreme on decks and outdoor furniture?


Can I use Cutek Extreme inside?

NO – Cutek Extreme is intended for exterior use only. 

I want to protect my new lumber, but I want it to naturally silver with age.

Coating the new lumber with clear Cutek Extreme will protect the wood while allowing it to silver naturally with age.

I have new shingles – I want them to silver with age

Use Cutek Extreme on new shingles to protect from feathering, splitting and surface discoloration. Clear Cutek Extreme will protect your shingles while allowing them to naturally silver with age.

Is there any warranty on Cutek products?

While Cutek products have proven to be highly successful for many years and in many countries, and are manufactured to the highest standards, Chemisys does not, and is unable to, offer any warranty or performance guarantee for the use of Cutek products on any substrate. This is due to the large number of variables possible with the use of our products. These variables include but are not limited to; the age and porosity of the wood, species, situation, design and structure, aspect, differing exposure to the weather and adequacy of preparation. Many different manufacturers choose to specify Cutek materials for use with their own products, but this does not mean that we are included or involved in any independent warranties issued by a specific manufacturer or distributor in relation to their own product.

Does Cutek Extreme work on bamboo decking?

Bamboo is actually a species of grass and as such has significantly different properties to wood.  The majority of bamboo flooring and decking is made in China and there is a dramatic range of quality control standards employed at the manufacturer level.  “Manufacturers change their processes, glues, and coatings without notice and every shipment seems to be different to the next”, as reported by our colleagues in New Zealand and Australia.  There has been a recent market shake-up in New Zealand due to bamboo decking failures.  At this time, there is no known product that will provide long lasting protection to exterior bamboo due to the variation of coatings applied at time of manufacture and the lack of consistent standards.

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Cutek Extreme is a unique wood protection oil which when properly applied, keeps wood well protected for many years.

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