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How does Cutek work?

Water is wood’s greatest enemy. Most wood finishes form a film on the surface to keep water out and give colour. Some even last a year or two before they turn ugly. Most wood finishes fail, and have to be sanded or stripped before the wood can be recoated. This is a messy, time consuming and costly exercise especially on windows, railings and hard to reach areas.

Degraded Wood Finish

Cutek oils however, penetrate deep into the wood and protect from within. They never peel or flake. Maintenance is a simple clean and recoat – no sanding or stripping needed. Wood that is left to silver after coating with clear Cutek oils can easily be restored to a beautiful natural look even after years of weathering. Even in those hard to reach places.

So why is it important to protect wood?

Most people appreciate the beauty of well-maintained wood, but not many understand that protecting wood from the damaging effect of moisture actually adds years to the useful life of their decks or cladding. It will save a considerable amount of money in replacement costs and help to conserve wood resources.

Moisture is wood’s greatest enemy. Most paints and stains attempt to control moisture in wood by forming a film on the surface.

What can go wrong with that?

While most paints and stains claim to be UV resistant, these coatings eventually break down in sun, allowing moisture in and out of the wood. This causes warping, cupping and splitting.

What about oil? It’s got to be good for wood.

Oils have been used for centuries to protect wood. Most natural oils however don’t penetrate, but provide a barrier at the surface of the wood like other surface coatings. Additionally, many natural oils act as nutrients for unsightly surface mould and fungus.

Cutek is a totally unique product

Cutek is a synthetic oil based wood protection system that penetrates deeply into the wood where it works to control moisture from within. Cutek oils do not peel off or crack, and impart exceptional dimensional stability to the wood. Cutek enhances the natural beauty of wood without obscuring the grain while being safe and easy to apply by almost everyone.

  • Cutek can be used on most species of wood
  • Cutek can be used as a clear coating that lightens over time, but remains stable
  • Cutek creates a natural look and won’t hide the grain
  • Cutek has a wide range of Colourtones to suit most wood species

Protection & restoration of exterior wood

with proven performance on hardwoods, softwoods & thermally modified woods

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Cutek Extreme is a unique wood protection oil which when properly applied, keeps wood well protected for many years.

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