CUTEK® offers market leading solutions that help governments, at all levels, protect wood in public spaces and save time and money on wood repair and maintenance. CUTEK® is renowned for being innovators in the marketplace and have the technical knowledge and expertise to achieve the right outcome for public projects, no matter how extreme the environment.

A cost-effective Wood Protection Plan that works

CUTEK® offers governments a wood protection plan for exterior wood projects that meet budget requirements and actually works. CUTEK® Extreme is easy to apply and maintain – simply clean and reapply – which reduces labor costs and increases efficiency. CUTEK® Extreme has a high coverage rate, superior technology, and the cumulative protection of maintenance coats provides the longest possible service life for exterior wood.

Serious Sustainability is in our DNA

The very purpose for the creation of CUTEK® products was to maximize the service life of wood. It is a simple equation:

Extension of the service life of wood= less trees cut down as their replacement

We manufacture using high-grade raw materials and renewable resources to minimize our carbon footprint. We also plant one tree for every can of CUTEK® oil sold – WORLDWIDE.

Technical Expertise and Advice

Our knowledgeable and friendly staff are technical experts in wood and coatings. We work closely with administrative staff to ensure that environmentally, efficacy, budget and stakeholder goals are achieved. We also liaise and support staff or their subcontractors in the application and maintenance processes.

Australian ingenuity that can be tailored to meet project requirements

CUTEK® solutions were created to solve problems for the wood construction industry worldwide. Our innovative wood protection technologies have become internationally recognized as leaders in the wood protection industries. We understand that the requirements of each project can be different and we can formulate unique solutions to protect public projects.

Case Studies

CUTEK® has worked closely with local governments to deliver long-term, cost-effective wood protection. Below is a case study that show-cases the CUTEK® solution:




The local Council desired the Pier to naturally silver over time and the ease of maintenance was also a factor in choosing CUTEK®. Therefore, the council chose to use CUTEK® without a Colortone, knowing that this would allow the wood to naturally silver off in the elements. The Council knew that for future coats on top of CUTEK®, sanding or stripping is not required with CUTEK® oil; simply wash the Pier and then recoat.


Powerful Protection

Over time, wood structures in public places become weathered and worn because of their exposure to the elements and to high foot traffic. Uncoated wood can begin to cup, warp, split or decay.

Protection of your capital investment in wood structures, as well as ease of long-term maintenance, and protection of public safety, need to be considered when choosing to use wood for a public project.

Introducing CUTEK® Extreme…

CUTEK® Extreme is a high-performance, oil-based wood stabilizer with a unique self-healing effect. Penetrating deeply into wood, CUTEK® Extreme highlights the natural grain and beauty of wood while providing robust and long-lasting protection. CUTEK® Extreme will not flake or peel and maintenance is fast and simple – no need to sand or strip.

CUTEK® Extreme was originally developed in Australia for the harshest of Australian climates, with extreme weather cycles and high UV ratings. CUTEK® Extreme diffuses throughout wood to control liquid and gas phase moisture, to minimize warping, cupping and splitting. By improving the dimensional stability of wood, CUTEK® Extreme improves the service life of your wood.

Why CUTEK® Extreme?

    Significantly reducing splitting, warping and cupping
    No technical experience necessary
    No need to sand or strip, just simply clean and recoat
    Instead, the coating is designed to fade with time
    Up to 2x the coverage rate of most wood coatings
    Enhances the natural color and grain of your wood
    Significantly extends the service life of wood
    Stays active inside your wood to protect from the inside out
    We plant 1 tree for every can of CUTEK® Extreme sold.

Technical Expertise

CUTEK® technical staff have backgrounds in the lumber, construction, design and coatings industries. We are equipped to provide project specific advice and know and understand the environmental, construction and maintenance aspects of wood protection.

We can liaise with and support governments at all levels, stakeholders and sub-contractors through every step of the wood protection process. From specification and design, to construction and application and then ongoing maintenance, CUTEK® staff are there to provide guidance and insight on how to achieve a long-term wood protection outcome that is budget friendly.

Protection Plan

CUTEK® Extreme has become the best choice of wood protection for public projects due to the ease of use and maintenance. CUTEK® Extreme’s advanced penetration technology means that our wood oils will not peel or flake over time. This means the end of costly and time-consuming maintenance that requires wood to be sanded or stripped. Simply clean and reapply.

Further, even when the wood surface has grayed and weathered, CUTEK® Extreme remains permanently mobile inside the wood, meaning protection is not compromised even if the outward appearance of the wood has changed.

CUTEK® offers governments a wood protection plan that meets budget requirements and actually works. CUTEK® Extreme is easy to apply and maintain – simply clean and reapply – which reduces labor costs and increases efficiency. Further, CUTEK® Extreme has a high coverage rate meaning a little goes a long way. The superior technology and cumulative protection of maintenance coats also provides the longest possible service life.


CUTEK® Extreme works differently to traditional wood stain/wood oil/acrylic/urethane/natural oils/wood coating products in that CUTEK® protects your wood from the inside out. CUTEK® Extreme penetrates deeply into the wood core upon application, protecting it from the damaging effects of liquid and gas phase water, significantly increasing the service life of your wood. It does this by remaining PERMANENTLY MOBILE inside the wood, migrating to any cut or perforation with a self-healing action.

Many competitive products claim to be a penetrating oil finish; however, they often contain a mixture of solvents, polymers and cross-linking natural oils (such as linseed and tung oils) that penetrate only a fraction of an inch before drying to form an encapsulating type varnish. Because these coatings do not have a self-healing effect, once this varnish is exposed to the weather, water can quickly enter the core of the wood especially if it has been cut or perforated with fasteners leading to a rapid loss of dimensional stability. Additionally, the use of some natural oils in wood coatings can contribute to the development of unsightly mold and fungal growth underneath subsequently applied coatings. This situation can be difficult and costly to fix.

NOTE: Coatings that are not permanently mobile inside the wood and do not exhibit the self-healing effect ARE NOT the same as CUTEK® no matter what is claimed.






Being sustainable or green has become a slogan, but at CUTEK® it is part of our DNA. The very purpose for the creation of CUTEK® products was to maximize the service life of wood. It is a simple equation: extension of the service life of wood = less trees cut down as their replacement.

CUTEK® products are also manufactured with the use of high-grade recycled raw materials and renewable resources where possible which decreases waste stream and incinerations.  We also recycle manufacturing materials and use environmentally sustainable manufacturing processes when practicable.

Beyond these internal measures, CUTEK® also gives back. We are champions for the ecological use and long-term protection of wood. We are partnered with One Tree Planted and plant 1 tree for every can of CUTEK® wood oil sold worldwide. At CUTEK® sustainability isn’t a slogan, it is in our DNA.

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