Wood Architecture Specialists

Bring your wood project ideas to life. We acknowledge that Architects are at the forefront of design, trends and
change in the building industry. We want to hear your design vision, and help turn that vision into a functional building that will stand the test of time. CUTEK® is committed to helping architects and designers achieve the
best aesthetic and protection outcomes for their exterior wood project.

Excellent Technical Advice

CUTEK® technical representatives are all highly experienced and offer the best hands-on support in the business. We want to champion wood as a functional, versatile and beautiful building resource. If you have questions about wood, or how you can include it successfully in your design vision, .

Tailored Project Solutions

At CUTEK®, we understand each project is unique, therefore we do not expect you to necessarily fit within our standard solutions. Our chemists are able to formulate bespoke protection alternatives for your exterior wood applications that meet the specific design brief of your project. If you need a specialty wood solution, .

Custom CUTEK® Colortones

We have the ability to create one of a kind CUTEK® Colortones which help ensure that your project is exactly how you imagined it could be (see Westfield Coomera, an Australian Case Study). .

Architectural Expertise

We acknowledge that Architects are at the forefront of design, trends and change in the building industry. We want to hear your design vision, and help turn that vision into a functional building that will stand the test of time. We have staff who can help you understand the strengths and weaknesses of using wood in your design. We will then work with you to help meet your unique specification goals. Wood is a beautiful building material, and we want to champion its use in modern and exciting new ways well into the future.

Specifying CUTEK® is simple

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New Wood- Clean with CUTEK® Wood Reviver as per manufacturer instructions

Previously Coated Wood- Strip coating with CUTEK® Wood Stripper to remove the previous coating and clean with CUTEK® Wood Reviver as per manufacturer instructions.


Apply minimum of 2 coats of CUTEK® Extreme with CUTEK® Colortone (if desired), allowing ample time for the oil to penetrate and dry between coats.

  • For maximum wood protection, we recommend 2 coats of CUTEK® Extreme
  • For maximum color retention, we recommend 2 coats of CUTEK® Extreme with double CUTEK® Colortone


PREPARE: Clean with CUTEK® Quickclean as per manufacturer instructions

PROTECT: Apply 1 x coat of CUTEK® Extreme with CUTEK® Colortone (if desired)


We understand each project is unique and we want to help architects achieve the right color for their project. The CUTEK® Colortone range has been developed over 2 decades to suit the hue and undertones of common wood species and to meet historical and emerging design trends. If there is not a Colortone that suits your project, we will make a bespoke one in consulation with you and your design brief. Contact us to use our color matching service or to request a Pre-Mixed Sample of your preferred Colortone(s).



Westfield Coomera was the first greenfield site development for the Sentre Group in over a decade and wood was utilized as a design element in both interior and exterior built environments (Coomera, QLD, Australia).

CUTEK®’s dedicated architectural representative was brought in to assist the architect, designers and builders achieve the desired color and protection level for wood fittings that were integrated into the overall design.




With CUTEK® Colortones you can enhance and maintain the natural beauty of your wood, or alter the color to meet your design requirements of your project.

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Bespoke Solutions

We care about your project, no matter how big or small. If your project uses wood, we want to be a part of it.

We have an extensive Research and Development program (based in Queensland, Australia), that ensures our wood protection technology is always progressive and insightful, using the best resources and know-how available, to make wood protection products that ACTUALLY WORK.

We formulate bespoke wood protection solutions to meet the unique project needs for architects and designers across the US. Contact us to get the right solution for your project.


Being sustainable or green has become a slogan, but at CUTEK® it is part of our DNA. The very purpose for the creation of CUTEK® products was to maximize the service life of wood. It is a simple equation: extension of the service life of wood = less trees cut down as their replacement.

CUTEK® products are also manufactured with the use of high-grade recycled raw materials and renewable resources where possible, which decreases waste stream and incinerations.

Beyond these internal measures, CUTEK® also gives back. We are champions for the ecological use and long-term protection of wood. We are partnered with One Tree Planted and plant 1 tree for every can of CUTEK® wood oil sold worldwide. At CUTEK® sustainability isn’t a slogan, it is in our DNA.

See where we have planted trees by selecting a country on our interactive map