Step 2 > Protect

CUTEK® Extreme powerfully protects exterior wood in the most extreme environments. Diffusing deep into the wood core, CUTEK® Extreme, repels moisture to improve dimensional stability and service life.

CUTEK® Extreme offers long-term cumulative protection that reduces cupping, warping and splitting. This is achieved while enhancing the natural grain and beauty of your wood – not covering it up.

CUTEK®’s Protect product (CUTEK® Extreme) is user-friendly and simple – no professional experience is required. Maintainence is also a breeze; simply clean and recoat – no need to sand or strip your wood.

With CUTEK® Extreme, achieving the right look for your wood project is simple – choose from one of our 18 CUTEK® Colourtones. Refer to our Colourtone Chart to see how our CUTEK® Colourtones will look on your specific wood type.